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I deeply resent those, my husband included, who demand my silence, and I wish people realised how “going to England” damages one’s sense of worth.‘I went into college the next day as normal’ I had an abortion two years ago, when I was 20, a typical college student who wanted to finish my studies.

The second was about a woman who had already checked into an English abortion clinic when she discovered that her pregnancy was more advanced than she had thought, and was by a different father.

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Our objective was to open a forum for those hitherto silent voices who had had direct experience of an abortion.

However, I have not yet let go of the fury I feel at being forced into a corner by those who know little or nothing about how a young pregnant girl feels.

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It is obvious from the responses that women can be tougher on themselves than any critic.

A few were from people who asked frankly whether we intended to present “the other side” of the story.

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