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Just over a week following Stan Wawrinka‘s statement on Facebook that after ten years of living together he and his wife Ilham Vuilloud had separated, the word is out that the Swiss ATP world No.9 has been dating young WTA gun Donna Vekic.Actually, it is rumored that they have been an item since July 2014, when Vekic was still just 17 years old.This type of hat can also be seen in Eastern Europe and up into the Russian areas.

Women especially were often culturally required to wear some sort of head covering. It can get both blisteringly hot in the summer and frigid cold in the winter. In The Arts and Crafts of Turkestan, by Johannes Kalter, there are several photographs of people taken in the mid 1800's.

Trims & Embellishment - 5 Cross Cultural Embroidery Stitches - Appliqué Techniques - Passemaine (hand made trims) - Trims requiring very little equipment - Complicated Trims - Cardweaving - Buttons - Making Felt Hats have been an essential accessory for thousands of years.

Worn in the winter to keep the head warm and used in the summer as portable shade, the hat is one piece of costuming that is somewhat overlooked. One of the reasons may be that, in our mundane society, the wearing of hats has fallen out of favor.

If the rumors are true, and there often is some truth in words swirling around, Wawrinka has moved from a woman ten years his senior to a 18-year-old tennis colleague.

Two years ago, when asked who her best friends on tour were, Vekic picked Stan Wawrinka and Fernando Verdasco from the crowd, even saying how she prefers hanging around with guys.

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