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Once we have released these programs, we can connect with our TRUE ESSENCE and uncover our TRUE desires and passions in regard to dating and relating.

Once we are truly connected and expressing our true, essential selves, we know what type of relationships we want to consciously create instead of going by rote and doing what we've always done or have always seen others do.

And still others may find that they enjoy having a primary partnership with 2 partners.

Just because society condones getting married and living together, doesn't mean that anybody should do that unless they feel its in alignment with their true self.

For example, some people's true essential selves are more poly-amorous then monogamous. Most "poly" people prefer to have one primary partner that they oftentimes live with, in addition to enjoying intimate and usually sexual experiences and relationships with other people outside of the primary partnership.

Others' true essence may be monogamous, and both partners may choose to create something entirely new that suits them both, like living in separate wings of a house, or in separate houses so each has ample space and freedom.

The Conscious Dating Network "CDN" offers privately labeled sites to those interested in having "their own dating site" without the high overhead of owning an online dating site.

The third parties simply pay to market "their" site.

Jill has always had a deep, loving, strong connection with dolphins, whales and the oceans, which she loves to share with the singles that go on her retreats.

Many members on the Conscious Dating Network meet others that don't live in the same city, state or even country.

Originally, when owner/founder, Jill Crosby launched Spiritual Singles.com, the original flagship site, she was not a believer in long-distance relationships.

The profits generated from the members referred to the network from these sites are split, so it's a win/win for everyone involved, including the members, the third party and CDN.

Over the past 16 years, the Conscious Dating Network has launched over 16 privately labeled, conscious dating sites.

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