Weird dating ideas

Otherwise, you can just hate watch If you and your BF/GF love music, spend the afternoon at a record store. You can find some really awesome records or just laugh about how ridiculous album are was in the '70s.

Of course, it's preferable to do both of these things. Seriously, grave yards are actually pretty cool and some have some amazing sculptures scattered around between the tombstones.

But if you act from your heart and leave yourself open to adventure, a picnic with budget wine, crusty bread, and olives might enable you to make the kind of connection you simply can’t sitting in a fancy restaurant or a high-priced musical show.

You might not be able to wine and dine the date of your dreams.

You might think that getting a dozen stem roses is alright and all, but it’s not exactly your idea of a good time. You’re not an average girl, so you deserve a not-so-average V-Day. If you don't know much about this tragic punk pairing, just know that this is definitely not the kind of romance you'd see in a Nicholas Sparks movie, okay?

So why not take that as some inspo and watch a movie about an effed up romance.

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We simply met at his house, and talked from our hearts for an entire rainy afternoon. But we get in free, and get tickets to all the special events. Even if you don’t buy a membership, art museum entry fees are usually cheap anyway.2. If you have art supplies, why not hang out at your house or apartment and make some art together?

Go See a Community Theater Play Community theater is incredibly fun, and incredibly cheap. Buy some cheap take out, put on some great music, and make a night of it.4.

Follow this one up with dinner from a local diner and you’ve got a budget date in the making.3. Watch Cartoons Together If you’re a child of the ’70s or ’80s, then you remember Looney Tunes. Cheese’s can be a super fun place to go on a first date, if the other person doesn’t mind the lights and noise.11.

And no, none of them end with "and chill." Decked out with things that you might come across in a Delorean trip gone awry, Bizzarro Italian Cafe is a whimsical Wallingford spot that'll help you get over your first date jitters (perhaps by sharing a carafe of wine) and let you end the evening with some next-level tiramisu and an espresso before heading outside to enjoy a twinkly night time view of the city from Gas Works, or a trip to the just-around-the-corner Archie Mc Phee for some guaranteed fun.

The Hideout is a nondescript and barely lit bar tucked away in First Hill.

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