Video chat for couples no registration

The app has not been updated since July of last year, most likely the cause of the issues. I used this app in a previous LDR (sorry, babe) and liked it.

Couple is popular for its "Thumbkiss" feature; users tap the screen at the same time and can "feel" one another by a slight vibration through the phone. While the app does not have a functional calendar, it does have a "List" feature for logging important dates.

Touch Room lets you invite anyone into your room and when you overlap dots, your phone buzzes at the same time, even if you're on the other side of the world.

It provides a cute sense of physical closeness even when you're away. 4.5/5 Rating, £1.49This lovely app keeps you and your partner emotionally close even when you're physically far.

The developers certainly know how to bring people together in a user-friendly way. After you register and download, you will be able to create your own room and set it to private. Once someone has been invited to the room, it stays active until you close it.

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tl;dr: Not one app completely delivered our wish list.

Don’t miss out on doing things together just because there are hundreds or thousands of miles between you and your significant other. Technology is amazing, and there services out there that make long-distance relationships a little simpler.

Whether you want to watch a movie together, stream music together, study together, or just be together, these apps have you covered!

Watch2gether is similar to Rabbit in that you create your room, but it’s streaming and sharing capabilities are limited.

With Watch2gether, you create your room and then share the link with your significant other.

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