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Today, Cash Code branded products are designed in Toronto, Canada and used globally in multiple applications and markets. Universal protocol convertor board can convert one bill acceptor protocol to another.

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However, years of research in this field, coupled with technological advances, have brought about a transformation in nanomaterial (NM) synthesis capabilities (Guo and Wang, 2013).

In 2000 Cash Code introduced its first frontload bill validator and continued its developments to meet the global realization of multi-width currencies and engineered a truly automatic multi-width note alignment mechanism.

In 2003, the company revolutionized several industries with their bill recycling technology, spawning an entire new line of products.

The Supported formats are: Video: AVI (H.263, Xvid, MJPEG), MOV (H.263, Xvid, MJPEG), MP4 (H.263, Xvid), 3gp/3g2 (H.263, Xvid), FLV (Sorenson Spark) *Max 1920x1080 30FAll the Ben Q LCD monitors with the T at the end of the model number support the pivot function.

Of course the graphic card need to support the pivot function or a third party software need to be installed.

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