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HELPLINES 990 - The 990 Talkline is a confidential 24-hour helpline that is available toll free on the Airtel, MTN, and Zamtel networks throughout Zambia - This helpline provides support services and links on all health issues.

Email: [email protected] Zambia – SRH (Advocates for Safe Abortion); Plot 1210, Addis Drive, Lusaka Tel: 221 Email: [email protected] Development Zambia Suite 107, Foxdale Court Office Park Zambezi Road, Lusaka [email protected] Youth Network on Population and Development (NYPD) - advice on sexual health Ridgeway 31, Fairley Road, Lusaka Tel: 270 Email: [email protected] Council – advice on gender violence and sexual health Plot 3670, No.

Life has never been comfortable for LGBT people in Zambia, where sodomy is a crime and the constitution proclaims the country to be a "Christian nation." But the situation has grown far more dangerous over the last month, following allegations that activists and European governments want to promote same-sex marriage in the country and ending with an arrest in the past week.

Here is a linear breakout of how you can do this: 1.

Identify your hit list of local sponsors and start calling them. I love beer and it was easy for me to talk about onstage because we were drinking it.

They'll most likely be handled by the same person, BUT it could change your pitch if you have a target market that is the same as theirs.

Every day a team of 35 incredible local staff and I would hop into those vehicles, blast the top hits, and head to the compounds in the nearby communities.

The group of local female enumerators would spend hours locating and interviewing adolescent girls, asking them seemingly endless questions, ranging from who lives in their household to the last time they had sex.

"You just [feel] defeated when you truly comprehend it."Mphande said anti-gay sentiments have been stoked in recent years by politicians fighting over rewriting the constitution, as well as religious leaders who have been sounding the drumbeat against gays and lesbians.

Some of these pastors, she says, have ties to religious conservatives in the United States.

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