My ex boyfriend is on a dating site

Neither the images nor the site were immediately familiar to us.

The pictures hadn't been taken from our social network profiles, nor had Patrick and I ever online-dated.

Of course, that's where my mind went first: Was my live-in boyfriend of five-plus years maintaining a double life filled with Internet honeys?

But how would that work -- he doesn't even know how to send an instant message.

Within a few moments, though, it dawned on me what I was looking at.

In 2009, a photographer friend, Jenny, had snapped some photos of us around the house for her portfolio.

I want to share with you that although your question is very short, I get a sense that you do not trust your boyfriend.

I believe that trust is the main ingredient for a healthy relationship, and without it, the relationship becomes troublesome and both of the partners suffer.

But I haven't posted much on my situation recently but in a nutshell, things aren't getting any better. It's been three, maybe four months now and he won't take me back, he just wants to be friends.From your question, I can tell that you two were together in the past.There was a period during which you two broke up, and now you are back together.So, the best thing to do is act normal and move along. If he cheated, it's possible he was on the dating site well before you found him on there this time.And, you don't need to see photos from when you were with him in his new online dating profile.If you're interested in seeing him again, swipe right to try to put yourself back in the game. And, if you do, start a friendly banter about how funny it is to see each other on this site. But, keep your guard up — ghosts never come back for too long.You both have each others' numbers, so move it to text if there's a good opportunity to do so. And, if you don't match, it's time to take the hint. I've discussed the relationship with my now ex-boyfriend on here, and the traumatic break-up instigated by him that ended things between us. Technically, I have nothing to be in shock about, but technicalities mean F*** ALL to me right now.As far as I know, he's tried to pick up a girl here and there but never got anywhere, however I still can't control my jealousy/anger/sadness when he tells me this. - into his email which he doesn't know I have the password to.There was an email in there confirming his registration on a well-known dating site.

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