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She is your Digital Assistant that aims to close the gap between you and your next career move.Job Seekers converse directly with Hazie just like they do with their family and friends. Walnut helps you learn useful skills, you could use at work everyday.NOTE: You may have to click 2 times on the button to get them to work.TEACH=====Teach the bot something new like question, or how to answer unknown question and etc.The term Chatbot is actually the most popular amongst these three terms and has the broadest meaning. To create your own chatbot, you have to be familiar with PHP scripting language, My SQL database management, and a chatbot engine - AIML interpreter.

Hazie is your Job Placement Bot ( Robot ) that connects you to your dream Job.

SHARE CHATBOT============You can share your chatbot by making a chatbot offline and then upload it as a remix to scratch. for some reason the ask button won't switch to another ask question instantly.

FAQ--- QUESTION: Buttons don't work even when clicking 2 times on them..

A chatbot is an artificial person, animal or other creature which holds conversations with humans. Besides, for the most part, these applications are not free, though most have a “demo” version.

This could be a text based (typed) conversation, a spoken conversation or even a non-verbal conversation. The “web-based” solution, which runs on a remote server, is generally able to be reached by the general public through a web page.

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