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She might claim to be single, but there are new reports suggesting that Kate Gosselin might be dating two men at the same time.The reality television star has been seen canoodling with her rumored boyfriend Jeff Prescott in Philadelphia while also going on vacation to Mexico with her bodyguard/boyfriend Steve Neild.Though they've been spotted together everywhere from beach vacations to the soundstage, Kate has furiously denied the allegations.

Jon Gosselin wasn't the first to admit he's made some mistakes—but he has finally boarded the bandwagon.He's willing to put himself out there again if the right opportunity comes along."I've been offered a lot of stuff," he says. While the “Hunger Games” starlet and boyfriend Chris Martin are still going strong, the blond beauty has been spotted with a handsome new looker by her side — bodyguard Greg Lenz.The plot thickens...) Is Kate Gosselin Looking Sexy For the Bodyguard?Kim Kardashian: What better way to "keep up" with everyone's favorite Kardashian than to be glued to her side?Yet a whole new crop of celebs seems to be following in their naughtily fraternizing footsteps, so we've compiled a list to help you keep track.Find out whose hired help seems to be taking their orders a little literally: Kate Gosselin: Ever since Jon left the picture, leaving just "Kate 8," otherwise-married bodyguard Steve Neild seems to be picking up right where J left off—appearing on-camera and reportedly even going as far as disciplining her kids.And then TLC paid out big bucks to take them off the market! If the photos made their way to the public, Gosselin’s reputation would be severely affected.seems to think so, as they wrote that “the concrete proof of their illicit relationship would surely have tarnished the reputation of the mother-of-eight.” However, Gosselin is not giving it away.Keep up with Enstars for all the latest on Kate Gosselin.co-star, Kenya Moore, came out with the revelation that she spotted Gosselin sharing a hotel room suite with Nield.

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