How to survive dating a law student

In the “Definitions of Dating: College Edition” it falls somewhere between where a third date and meeting the parents would in the real world.

And since law school is pretty much exactly like , dating each other is ultimately a really bad idea. So this week I do my best to serve humanity, by offering my own advice in the hopes that someday, somehow, Law School Land will not have to be such an abyss of dating terror. Ladies: I understand that, once upon a time, a frat brother cutting to the front of the Jungle Juice line to make sure you got your sugar, water and Everclear concoction before everyone else was considered an exceedingly sweet gesture.

Your one comfort will be though (if you only flirt with the other sections) that your lover from the other section will be spilling the beans about your sex life in a different room where you don’t have to be embarrassed and can deny the dirty deeds if need be outside their presence. Sleep with a new person every night for all I care (although you should use protection). Because, as I just explained to you, about half the people in your school have mental health disorders.

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Herrick Feinstein recently invited about 50 law students to a cocktail party and interviewed them in a process that has similarities to speed dating, (sub.The law firm also benefited because its lawyers were able “to watch people in competition with each other and see how they play in the sandbox,” he said.So, you decided to go law school and you just happen to be single as well. You are about to be thrown into a small community of really smart people just like yourself and you are confident that at least 1 or 10 of them will be really attractive!Well it’s the same thing here, you are going to see these people every day and so you shouldn’t do it. I assume the average workplace has an average number of self obsessed psychopaths, but in law school, your chances are 1 in 2 that the person’s face you are sucking has a mental disorder. S/he wont share my deepest darkest bedroom secrets! Have you ever even hung out with a lawyer, like ever?Obviously not, because if you had, you would know that the main thing those attorney types like to do is talk. And usually they are going on and on about some boring separation of powers argument and no one cares.The answer to every question in law school is “it depends.” That being said, this advice is only reflective of my first year experience at one particular school. As a general rule, a lot of this is common sense, and thus most people in law school will overthink things or pay too much attention to detail to realize the obvious things right in front of their face. Unless you can tell me the elements of false imprisonment, the Pinkerton rule, the difference between MI, MII, and manslaughter (which I totally forgot), what a 12(b)(6) motion means, The RAP, or the difference between Fifth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment Due Process, then just keep your mouth shut, listen, and absorb everything you can. Yes, there might be certain days when you know you won’t get cold called. It will help when finals come around, AND more importantly when you become a lawyer and are actually expected to know things. If you found your way into law school you’re probably pretty darn smart. Professors want to see analysis and different ways of thinking.Do not pass GO, do not collect 0, just accept the fact that for possibly the first time in your life your natural wit and charm will not suffice. You probably had a good undergrad GPA and did well on the LSAT. If your law school did a good job then you will have a diverse 1L class.I don’t care if your dads a lawyer, if your great great second uncle twice removed signed the Constitution, or if you’re the mock trial champion of the universe; be humble. Now you’re in a room with several hundred other people who all had their straight “A” report cards hanging on mommy’s fridge. If you do a good job, your friend circle and study group will also be diverse.Surround yourself with people of different cultures, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, and sexual orientations.Here’s a look inside her advice on how to survive law School.[If you have something to say, send it my way: [email protected I am a 2L at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. If I were on a reality show, I would be the “I didn’t come here to make friends, I am only here to make a fool of myself for some amount of money that really isn’t that much after taxes” person. Sometimes you need to vent to people who are going through the same nonsense as you. It’s nice to have a table to eat lunch at, even if you’re wearing track pants and your hair is in a ponytail (it’s a Mean Girls reference).


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