I was in a meeting with a man and a woman, and looked up to see a young woman walking towards us, heading for the doors.

She looked at me with a bit of a smile and had her head slightly tilted to the side.

So you’re taking the initiative to go out, you’re hitting up the hot spots in your town, all you have to do next is meet the girls. If you can get to the point where she’s talking about her dreams and desires, and cool things to do around town, you’re already at the point where you can get her number. You have to know what type of events the girls you’re talking to will enjoy going to, and hint at those events.

So you’re meeting girls, you’re getting your game on, you’re doing everything you can during the interaction to turn her on your side. Then you just have to infer that you two should stay in touch, and go for the digits. If you’re good at building comfort, you’ll be able to get anybody’s numbers. If you don’t know what’s cool to do around town, try to get a travel guide, acquainted with the entire operation on Yelp or Citysearch, there are always cool things to be doing. Guess what, you’re going to get numbers if you ask for them.

EMAIL: Hey Marni; Just wanted to keep you up to date on things with a story from Starbucks yesterday.

The best way to get a girl's phone number is to simply charm her through attentive conversation and ask for her digits directly, while avoiding pitfalls like tricking her or getting your friends to do the work for you.

By staying calm and confident, you'll likely make a good impression.

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