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If you are convicted of a sex crime in Maryland, it is not enough to serve whatever sentence or fulfill whatever penalties a judge prescribes to you at the time of conviction.

In addition to jail or prison time, fines, fees and/or sex offender treatment that you endure, you are also likely to be required to have your name entered in a sex crime registry, which will be public knowledge in your community.

Southern Marylanders are divided about the controversial topic of sex education.

Most of the pushback is in regard to me being a lesbian, and a stranger teaching sex education to kids in the community.”Palmisano planned the free tour as a way to give back to the community.

“The instructor is involved in nefarious activities and her social media appearance [photos and videos] represents her and what she’s advocating for.

The event was sponsored by a lubricant company, and I did not like that no parents are welcome to join the class.

Maryland laws explicitly state that "A person shall register with the person's supervising authority if the person is: (1) a child sexual offender, (2) an offender, (3) a sexually violent offender, or (4) a sexually violent predator." The required period of time for sex offender registration will differ depending on which "tier" or level of severity a sex crime conviction falls into.

A vigorous defense of your rights, your liberty and your well-being after you have been charged with a sex crime must include a concerted effort to protect you from sex offender registration requirements. Early consultation with a Maryland sex offender registration attorney about your sex offense charges or conviction is paramount.

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