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As I sat staring glassy-eyed at my New York pals, a soft smile pasted on my face, something started to niggle at my pleasure.Something seemed to stick out…and that something were the two peanut nipples that Jennifer Aniston had protruding up through her top for a number of episodes in a row.Givens, Ph D, director of the Center for Nonverbal Studies in Spokane, Washington.

If you're standing at your front door after a first date waiting for a kiss from a fella whose head is cocked, just lay one on him first!But first things first, here are some guidelines to remember when using eye contact to your advantage.Eye contact is powerful if you know what to look for and how to use it.The key is to pay more attention to the signals and also using the right eye contact tricks in order to do it right.Writer and director Tracy Martin writes about the inspiration for her acclaimed play Harder Faster More, which returns to the stage next week.Headlines about Internet predators are fairly common today—so much so, we may have even grown deaf to them.“Man Charged with Solicitation of a Minor.” “Sexual Predator Arrested in Undercover Operation.” “Man Charged with Using Internet to Sexually Proposition 13-Year Old Girl.” Predation is a widely reported but vastly misunderstood phenomenon.One invaluable coupling-up coup: the fact that you can read any man's mind just by looking at him."Before developing speech, we communicated with our bodies," says David B.Whether across a room, in a crowded bar or along the streets, meeting eyes with the opposite sex is often, if not always, the beginning of an initial connection that can lead to more.Even the so-called pundits back eye contact as one of the most effective ways to gauge interest.

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