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As a treat, we thumbed the pages — so you don't have to — to find the best of the worst. It Is What It Is Bracelet - .95 Aren’t little charm bracelets or whatever this is supposed to be inspiring? Why would you keep a memento on your wrist at all times suggesting things kind of suck for you? Wake Up On Time Supplement - .99-59.98 Two of these pills allegedly metabolise overnight so you wake super alert and ready to go.

Justin Bieber Floss - .99 Frankly, it’s good to know that this knucklehead endorses some positive behavior, you know, when he’s not peeing in restaurant kitchens, assaulting people, or generally being a d*ckbag. Who knew there was a such a significant demographic of pimps flying the friendly skies? Guitar Doorbell - 9.99 So this setup will apparently strum your guitar’s strings whenever the door is opened.

They don’t have a captive audience,” said John Di Scala, who runs the travel advice site Johnny “Not only is it full of germs but travellers today have all the information they need at their fingertips.”Among the more odd items offered by the magazine was Tex the Armadillo Beverage Holder“Protect your beverage of choice until you're ready to uncap and unwind,” said the advertisement.

“Our rough-n-ready armadillo, Tex, is a sure-fire conversation piece from his textured armour to his whiplash tail.”Another was a glass ornament shaped to look like a Polish dumpling, or pierogi, and hung on a Christmas tree.

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Our proven Meet Your Future® process combines executive recruiting methodologies with traditional matchmaking intuition.

More planes have seat-back TV screens and the authorities now permit the use of laptops and tablets during flights.

Many planes in the US now have Wi-Fi.“Nobody’s bored anymore.

And strangely, Sky Mall sells a ton of them, in all shapes and sizes.

One of a Kind Shirt - 9.99-9.99 No two pattern combos are ever repeated in these, so wearing one proves you’re “a little different than everyone else," which is true, but don’t be so hard on yourself, blind dude. Desk Mini Vacuum Cleaner - ..95 Sure desk snacking is unavoidable, but if you're spilling so many Cheez-Its on a regular basis that it requires a vacuum to tidy up, it may be time to reassess your choices. Gentleman’s Choice Green Sphere Chrome-Plated Walking Stick - .95 Call it what you want but this is a straight-up pimp cane.

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