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The new communication protocol used in our application, RTMFP, is built on top of UDP, which enables direct connection between clients even if they are located behind NATs or firewalls.

In order for RTMFP to work, your firewall must be configured to allow outgoing UDP traffic.

When one endpoint is located behind a so-called "symmetric firewall," end-to-end communications may not be possible.

This is why a very small number of users may experience troubles connecting or being connected by someone else in the chat.

First off, it’s really easy to create your own custom channel by simply appending a subdomain to the normal Chatroulette URL in the format which has plenty of potential uses.

And, as New Tee Vee points out, it’s possible that more lewd users will congregate in the sex-themed channels, leaving everyone else alone (again, don’t count on it).

What would you, as a web app user, want to see in a stranger-to-stranger video chat service?

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That hasn't stopped people from replicating the model.

But this week I came across a Chatroulette clone that's one of the most fascinating new social networks I've seen in years: Puff Puff Chat, or the "Chatroulette of stoners." I know, it sounds like so many other "" sites.

But in the limited time I've spent on it, I've engaged in worthwhile conversations about Charles Baudelaire, the crisis in Ukraine, and the nature of empathy -- all with complete strangers from around the world. When you hop on the site, the first thing you're asked is how high you are on a scale of zero (completely sober) to ten (outer space).

Sean Parker's Airtime is the most high-profile iteration of this concept, but that app never took off despite a star-studded launch event graced by the likes of Snoop Dogg and Jimmy Fallon and .5 million in funding (since relaunching as Ok Hello it's started to pick up a little steam).

Other more specialized Chatroulette clones have launched with mixed results, like the "Chatroulette of language learning" which has actually gained a little traction lately, and the "Chatroulette of college students," which is no longer live.

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