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Vi gir deg kvalifisert hjelp og veiledning, slik at veien fra Norge til USA blir enklest mulig. Du må ordne med forsikring og visum, finne en passende bolig og sørge for at du har økonomien i orden. And so, living in space, the oddness never quite goes away. In 2009, with the expansive International Space Station nearing completion after more than a decade of orbital construction, astronauts finally installed some staterooms on the U. side—four private cubicles about the size of airplane lavatories.“I wish I could recapture that.”Spaceflight has faded from American consciousness even as our performance in space has reached a new level of accomplishment.In the past decade, America has become a truly, permanently spacefaring nation.

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On Earth, when I’ve had a long day, when I’m mentally and physically tired—when you first lie down on your bed, there’s a sense of relief. “I wish I dreamed every night of floating,” he says.

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Kickstart eventyret på The American College of Norway!

Vi gir deg en smidig overgang til det amerikanske utdanningssystemet, og gjør deg rustet til å takle praktiske og faglige utfordringer underveis.

Finn ut hvordan vi kan bidra til at du lykkes som student i USA!

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