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So by the time they are coming out of high school and entering university, it has been the central force in their life, and because of it, they likely have not developed other hobbies or the intangible skills (independence, spontaneity, social skills, amongst others) that you develop when you’re forced to go outside and play. P.: According to your bio, you were addicted to video games for more than 10 years. Every morning my dad would drop me off at a restaurant where I was a “prep cook,” and as soon as he drove off I’d hop on a bus back home and sneak in through my window.Many of the people who join our Game Quitters community don’t only struggle with a video game addiction though, but also an addiction to the Internet and porn, of which I have dubbed the “three-headed dragon” of addictions. You played more than 16 hours per day, dropped out of high school, never graduated, never went to college. What I mean is, what causes someone to go from, “This game is fun! My parents were at work during the day so they had no idea.

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I probably played 100,000 hours of Pac-Man as a kid, and I walked away unscathed. One can follow Cam on Twitter here and Instagram here. I obviously know of drug addiction, alcohol addiction, porn addiction, food addiction.

He’s also a prominent (and dynamic) public speaker, as well as a lover of San Diego, Cam Neely and his Seahawks-loving uncle. JEFF PEARLMAN: OK, Cam, so to be totally honest, I was unaware of the issue of video game addiction until I randomly came upon your Twitter feed.

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