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“If your girlfriend is pregnant, throw her over a boat. ” –Clyde Griffiths () Clyde murders his poor pregnant girlfriend, after promising to marry her, in order to pursue the rich girl in town. “Ignore your hot wife and have sex with a mobster’s girlfriend in a club parking lot.” — Julian English () Even Julian knows he’s toast after making the above mistake. Look, Julian, you’ve already got a hot wife, so let me get this straight: You’re going to cheat on your hot wife with a mob boss’s skanky mistress in full view of everyone, including said hot wife, at a local bar? He’ll get the ever-loving crap kicked out of him from now until he goes on a murdering spree. Bad dating advice is scattered all across literature—because, really, one of the greatest ways to capture the depravity of the human condition is through a crappy boyfriend.There simply aren’t enough ways to call this stupid. My name is Fitzwilliam Darcy, and women don’t choose me. Or, women will flock inside his gravitational pull like planets orbiting a supernova. “When you really like a girl, send her a love note. You know the old saying about love notes: When you’re writing two love notes to your crush, make sure you give her the one WITHOUT the C word in it. I think Fitzgerald could’ve wrote an amazing novel about an awful relationship that ends on a Friday night at Olive Garden.However, not all women carry the self confidence or know-how on bringing this flirtatious side out. In fact, you cannot score a date with any man unless you give them the green light- a sign that expresses that we are interested in them.After all, women are not the only ones struggling with doubts and insecurities about themselves.Excessive Talking About Yourself The key to an exciting first date is mutual communication, meaning you shouldn't keep talking about yourself, but also listen and give him a chance to speak, that way you'll also know him better. Your Outfit Stay away from revealing clothes, always leave room for imagination.Relationship Advice and Help are our two main categories.

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Food Etiquette Stay away from anything that might stain, you wouldn't want an awkward moment during your first date.

So no spaghetti or anything with tons of sauce or something that's considered messy.

Also don't eat too little or too much, just moderately.3.

Oh, and don’t forget to use the C word in reference to her genitalia.” –Robbie Turner () Yeah, it was a mistake. So if you’re out there and you’re single and dating, good luck on your dating adventures.

We just don't keep your profile on our site but also continuously help you to find the right date through our powerful personality matching programs, expert advices, emails introductions and facilitating talk over chat.

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